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Our Story

During the pandemic, teachers around the world were forced to teach children online. A key element of teaching young children to read is providing sufficient time to allow children to practise orally. As you can imagine, doing this via Zoom and being able to assess each individual's learning was very difficult. So, an app that could be used to support this was explored.

Did they find one?...


That's when Oom was born.

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Info for Schools

Most of you reading this will be following the effective phonics teaching and learning structure of: 

  1. Revisit and Review

  2. Teach

  3. Practice

  4. Apply

But what about consolidation?

What are YOU doing to ensure pupils keep up with their peers?

If you are providing phonics interventions, how many children are you able to support daily (which it should be)?

Look no further...with Save Oom, children consolidate their phonics knowledge INDEPENDENTLY. 

So the best can have as many children as possible working simultaneously.

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Info for Parents

When we surveyed 300 parents, 70% stated they did not feel confident in supporting their child with phonics at home. 


With various terminology (phonemes, graphemes, digraphs, split-digraphs, etc...) not being sure on how to pronounce some sounds as well as the good old "I wasn't taught phonics at school" - we REALLY understand. will Save Oom help?

In just ten minutes a day, children can use a device to complete phonics games which help children retain phonic knowledge and enter their long term memory. 

Because it's a game with many positive rewards, children demonstrate high levels of engagement.

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