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The World's First

The world’s first phonics app which accurately assesses children’s oral phonics skills, and using artificial intelligence, works with them at their pace for maximum results.

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App Features


Fun & Interactive

The story and positive rewards ensure children are motivated to revisit Oom daily whilst having no idea about the complex background systems in the app helping lead them towards a love for reading.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Mirrors Classroom Experience

Save Oom checks if a child can recognise and correctly say sounds and then blend these sounds to read words. And if not...instant feedback is provided.

Image by Element5 Digital

Pedagogically Sound

Save Oom provides a solid pedagogical bedrock for the user-experience that is fully in line with current evidence-based best practice.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Limited Screen Time

Fact...It takes just 10 minutes a day to make a difference. Whilst limited to prevent a reliance on screens, users are left excited for their next experience.

Home: App Features
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